Classroom Transitions

Children transition into another classroom based on birth date, teacher assessed readiness skills, and the spaces available. Parents should not expect their children to move into a new classroom on their birthdays.

We have a gradual transition process:

  1. Parents are informed in advance of classroom transitions.
  2. A transition form/plan is completed and shared with parents.
  3. The child visits the new classroom daily. Each day for an incrementally longer period of time.

Transitions can last up to 2 weeks depending on the child’s adjustment to the new class. Parents are encouraged to meet with the child’s new teacher and visit the child’s new classroom, prior to your child’s first day.

Transitions to Pre-K

The goal the Semillitas program is to prepare children for success in school and life. As your child prepares to transition into DCPS the center strives to provide parents with information and resources regarding registration and school readiness. Teachers also hold annual parent – teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress and provide guidance on how parents can support learning at home.