Blended Curriculum

Over the last seven years we have used the creative curriculum exclusively, but we are moving towards of implementing the blended curriculum. Based on recent early childhood research, we have decided to move towards a blended curriculum which includes aspects of the Montessori philosophy and Reggio Emilia pedagogy. This program will balance a child’s freedom to work and learn independently, with opportunities to work collaboratively on small group projects. Children will learn to negotiate, socialize, come up with their own questions and answers. This combination will allows us to offer children both independent and collective learning in a safe and nurturing environment while building a community between students, teachers and parents who are heard and input ideas and suggestions freely.

This unique curriculum applies the latest theory and research on best practices in teaching and learning, with content standards developed by states and professional organizations. This program balances both teacher-guided and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children’s learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. At each stage, our teachers will provide the building blocks necessary to build the skills and tools appropriate for your child’s development.

Observations, Screenings, and Portfolios

Teachers conduct on-going observations. These observations are used to screen children biannually utilizing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.

They also compile portfolios by collecting work samples and aggregating observations throughout the year to gauge children’s development.

Technology Policy

Children at Semillitas do not watch TV nor do they use laptops, tablets, etc. for viewing entertainment screen time.