Meal Service

No child shall go more than 4 hours without a meal or snack being provided. Meals are provided by the parents. Semillitas may provide you with  a USDA approved chart of children nutritional guidelines if you need a food choice guide. A nutritious snack will be provided by Semillitas if your child does not bring any snack for that day.

Round firm foods that pose a choking hazard for children less than 4 years of age are not permitted. These foods include hot dogs, whole grapes, whole cherry tomatoes, peanuts, popcorn, thickly spread peanut butter and candy. Please do not send snacks of candy with your child to daycare.

Children are encouraged to self-feed to the extent that they have skills. Children are encouraged, but not forced to eat a variety of foods.

Picnic Lunches

It is our tradition at Semillitas to have picnic lunches every Friday during the summer months. Parents are asked to pack appropriate foods that do not require heat and minimal clean up.

Semilitas is NUT-FREE center, any items containing nuts or nut products are not permitted in the center

Infant Feeding Procedures

Infants will be held for bottle-feeding until able to hold his or her own bottle. Bottles will never be propped.

Breastfeeding may be supported by providing a place for nursing mothers to feed their babies, if needed.

Solid foods will only be introduced after consultation with the child’s family and at their discretion.