About Us


In 2009 we, a group of experienced early childhood educators came together to plant the ‘little seeds’ for Semillitas Early Learning Center. We came together with the vision of building a center, modeled after successful programs, where teachers worked hand in hand with administration to ensure quality infant and toddler care. Today, over three years since the initial vision was sowed, our team has launched DC’s only worker owned, cooperatively run daycare center.


We are dedicated to provide quality child care and the goals of our program is to:

  • Continue to grow professionally in order to better serve children and families.
  • Provide appropriate services to ALL children.
  • Utilize strengths and challenge weaknesses.
  • Foster self-esteem while celebrating children’s successes.
  • Establish a fun and safe learning environment.
  • Enable children to make discoveries and realize their potential.
  • Support and build a trusting relationship with parents, children, and other professionals in my community.
  • To offer early childhood care services in a way that is specifically designed by my knowledge in early childhood education, according to the family’s priorities, beliefs, and needs of the child.
  • To develop a nurturing relationship with each child and their family.
  • To provide play opportunities for all children who are enrolled in my program.
  • To provide support and help for families as they seek out resources to meet their child’s needs.

To help children:

  • develop effective communication skills;
  • develop the ability to choose and follow through on personally meaningful experiences;
  • develop large and small muscles through play-based activities;
  • by demonstrating through interaction with the developmentally appropriate environment and through self-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities, increasing levels of conceptual and cognitive development;
  • by demonstrating an awareness of daily routine;
  • develop a level of independence in self-care skills;
  • develop problem-solving strategies;
  • develop aesthetic appreciation as they explore the developmentally appropriate environment around them